Live Sai Darshan Online

Shirdi Sai

Om Sai Ram! Mere chanting of his name leads to immense peace of mind, does away with all the negativity, makes you feel blessed during the most difficult times and removes all obstacles from your path to success. If that is the power and effect of Sai Baba's thoughts on ones mind and soul, then imagine how blessed you would be to have his 'Darshan' daily. Yes, you read it right! While it is impossible to visit Baba's holy shrine in Shirdi daily for his darshan, It is indeed possible now to do Sai darshan online through our portal.

This portal is run by a group of Sai Baba devotees who know the strength of Sai Baba's devotion and blessings, and how important Baba's darshans are for his devotees. Just chanting Baba's name is enough to lead you on the right path, and let you see things clearly so you can make correct decisions in life. Especially, when you are in doubt or feeling low or are going through difficult times, the thoughts of Baba can evoke that much needed positivity and strengthen your faith to solve the problems.

Now you can take your devotion to Sai Baba to the next level with, which lets you have live Sai darshan online straight from Shirdi. This means that now you can not only meditate on the thoughts of Baba when you want to, but you can actually see him live from across hundreds and thousands of miles, no matter if you are in India or abroad. Doing Sai darshan online daily will let you meditate in a more focussed way and strengthen your conviction in him. Moreover, you can also witness the popular Sai Baba Aarti that takes place in Shirdi temple during different times of the day, and also listen to the devotional bhajans and Pothi (Devotional Reading/Study) in Sai Baba samadhi mandir in Shirdi.